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We offer short introductory courses about the art of the circus (before or after one of our performances) or initiation workshops (which last several days).

All of our workshops are for children or adults so that they can have fun in complete safety. (presence of the artists in every workshop, special mats, ...).

The sessions start with a collective warm-up activity (10 minutes), then differents groups are set up and the participants go from one workshop to the next changing every 15 minutes.

The company owns all of the equipment necessary to teach this discipline (mats, accessories, ...).

Some activities include :
floor acrobatics, pyramids, mini trampolines, balancing acts (on rollers, balls or tightrope), juggling (balls, scarves, , diabolos, plates,...), trapeze, make-up, magic, clown, ...

Number of artists :
on average one artist for 10/12 participants.

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