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The children go behind the scenes of the circus.
The magician is their guide : the history of the circus and the daily lives of the travelling acrobats is revealed to them ; the techniques behind each act are illustrated by examples of strength, suppleness and balance.
The most aventurous children can try their hand at this disciplines.

The performance is followed by a moment when the children and the artists can exchange views about the circus.

In this way they discover the circus from the inside.

"Behind the Circus Scenes" is a way of educating children about the different disciplines around the world of the circus.
It is also shows a fascinating world where dream and magic remain omnipresent.

Duration : 1 h (follow by a time for a discussion)

Number of artists : 5

This can be easily adapted to schools, libraries, theatres, ...

Public : from the age of 5

See the technicalities.

Download the presentation file of the show (pdf)

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Last update : 02/09/2013